COVID – 19

As you can imagine we have to take extra care at the moment.

Here are what measures have been implemented to make your visit to City Osteopathic Practice safer and what to expect.

Before coming to the clinic

You will be asked if you or a member of your family has had any symptoms suggesting the possibility of COVID or if you have been in contact with somebody who had the infection in the last 14 days.

(elevated temperature, new and persistent cough, recent loss of smell and/or taste)

Gaps have been placed between patients to allow time to ventilate the room and clean surfaces

Arriving at the clinic

Please try (where possible) to come on time – or shortly before – in order to minimise waiting time in the waiting room or unnecessary contact with other patients. Eg. wait in the car until a few minutes before your session or if a chaperone is not essential it will be best not to be in the treatment room.

Upon arrival please ring the ‘Osteopath’ doorbell and wait to be let in by myself. To eliminate contact with the kind staff of the accountants downstairs we have decided to avoid them keeping the door open and also not to open the door to the patients of the clinic. Please maintain the 2 meter distance if it happens to cross paths – Don’t worry there are caring people and show understanding!

There will be sanitising gel for you to use straight in the foyer.

Please refrain from touching the surfaces. (when possible)

To minimise spread, all magazines and toys have been removed from the waiting room. Unfortunately, for the same reason water and tea will not be offered.

Once in the building your temperature will be taken by a non-contact thermometer. This will be recorded in your notes.

Contactless payments and BACS are accepted and encouraged.

There will be ample ventilation of the room before and after every patient and the surfaces will be wiped between sessions. To facilitate wiping of surfaces couch covers have been removed.

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