Back and Shoulder Pain

Being one of the most common complaints of the 21st century is something we see very often in the treatment room.

The shoulder can suffer from a number of ligament and muscle strains, disclocation, joint inflammation, and fractures.

Frozen Shoulder

Tendon tears or irritation are a common cause of inflamation and muscle spasm, sometimes causing what is known as 'frozen shoulder' (adhesive capsulitis) which is an extreme loss of movement.

Poor Posture

Poor posture and ineffective spinal mechanics will predispose the shoulder to overuse or simply inappropriate lines of action of the muscles leading to inflammation and/or degeneration.

Whether it’s an annoying ache or a seizing, debilitating pain by assessing the condition and alignment of the body we can find why the body is complaining and help to return the many structures of the spine that can be causing pain (disc, nerves, joints, muscles or even referred from the internal organs) to normalise and so the nervous system will not have to keep those annoying sending distress signals we call pain.

With thorough examination we can identify if there is a need for further investigation or other concerns relating not only to the presenting issue but you in your entirety.

By encouraging the range of movement and better positioning of the shoulder, osteopathic treatment aims to improve muscle tones and circulation to reduce pain and inflamation.

Additionally, we can talk about exercise, stretches and lifestyle adaptations and solutions that can not only keep things going but also prevent other problems in the future.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at increasing the circulation of blood around the muscles, break down adhesions and especially to release hyper-contracture of overworked muscles. These may have happened through sports or postural asymmetries or overuse of any kind. (Look to tailor more to back/shoulder pain)

Trigger Point Release

A myofascial trigger point ( a.k.a. muscle knots) are parts of soft tissue, most commonly muscle, which becomes overly sensitised and thus painful. Most common causes of trigger points are over-use, incorect use of the muscle and poor posture which alters the line of action of the muscle putting extra strain on certain parts of the muscle. (how it can apply to back and shoulder pain)

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