Circulation Problems

Modern sedentary work life and lifestyle are becoming a major obstacle to the effective flow of fluids throughout the body. In addition to that trauma and several conditions can impede the circulation to and from parts of the body.

Typically circulation problems are seen as swelling, tingling or coldness of the extremities.

The reality is much broader as headaches, digestive issues, low energy even poor recovery rate can be attributed to circulation problems.

With osteopathy we can assess the treat the major blood vessels of the body to improve circulation/ drainage as well as to improve movement of the body – the nervous system will restrict movement of joints if they are resulting in if there is a potential strain of a blood vessel or nerve with the movement of a certain joint, in order to protect them, the nervous system will not allow full movement of that joint.

Additionally with the use of manual lymphatic drainage we assist the return of blood from congested extremities. Here it is crucial to assess and remove potential restrictions of drainage higher up on the drainage line as many congestive conditions at the extremities are maintained by a reduces return flow due to pressure on the veins which carry the blood back to the heart.

The veins have a much lower fluid pressure than the arteries and so even with a small amount of pressure their flow can be compromised.

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