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Osteopathy can contribute to the treatment and management of a wide range of conditions and to restore or maintain general health to the body.

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From Birth to Old Age

Living with back pain, muscle strains or other musclo-skeletal problems can be difficult. Osteopathic treatment generally focuses on the musclo-skeletal system, combining knowledge of anatomy, physiology and clinical methodology.

Our practice has been established for over 20 years when it was run under Alison Cameron Osteopathic Practice. We are based in Mutley in Plymouth and cover Plymouth and the surrounding towns in Devon and Cornwall such as Yelverton, Tavistock, Saltash, Torpoint and Kingsbridge.

Arthritic Pain

Arthritis means “ inflammation of the joints”. There are many different types of arthiritis ranging from ‘wear and tear’ as in Osteoarthiritis to autoimmune ones (the body attacking itself) as in Rheumatoid arthritis.

All arthiritis lead to inflamation or the joints and the surrounding soft tissues. This usually causes pain and stiffness.

It is therefore important to keep the joints mobile and flexible as much as possible. Moving the joints would help with reducing the imflamatory process and slows down progression of arthiritis. Helping with the alignment of the joints also reduces the overload of the joints and slows down inappropriate wear.

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Osteopathy can help increase quality of movement, relieve pressure and aid recovery

Both the back and shoulder are complex areas to treat for any practitioner.

The spinal column consists of five main structures, and the shoulder of muscles stretching from the low back (latisimus dorsi), the back of the skull and spine (trapezius) and into the forearm (biceps).

By concentrating on one or more areas of the back we can identify where to concentrate treatment to aid in the relief of acute and chronic back pain.

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Helping to relieve aches and pains

Stress and tension from everyday life and unfortunate injuries can cause pain in the neck, head and back area.

Due to each section connecting to the spine and the central nervous system, they can suffer similar problems that can inter-relate between each other, such as where muscle fatigue and muscle tightness may lead to headaches.

Headaches are common to us all, one of the most prevalent ‘tension headaches’ involve the gripping of neck muscles around the back of the skull and pulling on connective tissues from the back to the front of the head.

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Irritation of the sciatic nerve

Injury or pressure to the sciatic nerve can cause tingling or numbness in the leg, foot and back of the thigh. In severe cases it can also cause muscle weakness.

Osteopathy can help in easing nerve pressure, promoting movement and reducing the risk of further injury after initial treatment.

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Circulation Problems

The circulation of the body is a very finely tuned process. It’s driven mainly by the heart and the diaphragm and assisted by movement.

With circulation we mean both arterial (oxygenated and leaving the heart to the body) and venous blood (non- oxygenated and returning to the heart).

By helping the realignment of the body we reduce the resistance of the blood to circulate. Additionally we can work on important junctional and restrictive points of the main blood vessels to help with poor circulation.

Poor circulation is one of the main factors for poor healing or slow recovery.

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Pregnant women undergo physiological changes throughout their pregnancy. These changes may cause various complaints which include:

  • Sciatica and low back pain
  • SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)
  • Generalized low back pain and muscular pain
  • Pelvis and buttock pain
  • Breathlessness and difficulty in deep breathing due to rib  and diaphragm restrictions

Osteopathy can be effective in resolving these mechanical complaints, this would facilitate a more relaxed and easy pregnancy with minimum discomfort and stress.

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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy (Craniosacral therapy) is a speciality within Osteopathy which is particularly useful for the treatment of children.

Cranial Osteopathy can be a helpful, gentle therapy that can help if a child has had a difficult birth or for those “unsettled” babies and children. Cranial Osteopathy works with the body’s involuntary mechanisms, helping to restore a calming balance to natural biorhythms by means of gentle massage of the child’s skull.

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How it works

Every patient starts with a friendly, professional one-to-one consultation, at which we conduct a full case history and examinaiton and provide a first stage of treatment.

At each visit we discuss with the patient the progress of their condition and provide further advice and/or treatment where we feel necessary.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes to allow easy movement for examination and treatment.

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Initial Consultation: £50

Follow-ups: £45

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