True Sciatica generally refers to compromise of the sciatic nerve or its roots as they come out of the spinal cord.

Most common symptoms of sciatica are low pain associated with pain radiating down the leg (typically on the back of the leg) with or without neurological symptoms like pins&needles, numbness and/or weakness of the foot or leg muscles.

Sciatica is very debilitating and can affect:


  • Posture
  • Sleeping
  • Excercise

There can be various causes of this including but not limited to disc bulge/ prolapse. Piriformis syndrome, Nerve root irritation due to arthritis or diminishing of the exit of the nerve.

Sometimes however, the body gets its wires crossed and manifests pain down the leg without having the nerves compromised. This is referred to as ‘referred pain’. This can be referred from the sacro-iliac joints or lumbar (low back) joints.

Depending on the cause of the pain the aim of the treatment will be slightly different.

Disc injuries

When disc injuries to the lower back (lumbar spine) result in sciatica, most will respond to gentle spinal movement. This will aid any acute lower back pain as a result of the injury.

Hip muscle spasm and nerve tightness

Massage and other muscle release techniques can ease pressure on the nerve where it's cause by hip muscle spasm or tightness to the posterior hip muscles

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