Head and Neck Pain

Headaches are a very common ailment that you may be needlessly suffering with.

Stress and tension from everyday life and unfortunate injuries can cause pain in the neck, head and back area. The neck is the most mobile part of the spine and thus it often compensates for dysfunctions lower down and ends up overloaded and this leads to muscle and/or joint pain, even nerve compression in more severe cases.

Due to each section connecting to the spine and the central nervous system, they can suffer similar problems that can inter-relate between each other, such as where muscle fatigue and muscle tightness may lead to headaches.

Very frequently there are several compounding factors that lead to a headache. Some of them are the tension of the neck muscles (which can compress nerves going up to your head), the position of the head itself as well as it’s structural symmetry and  congestion, among others. These can either contribute in making nerves and membranes reactive and painful or even be a cause in the sameselves.

Poor posture is one of the most common reasons that predisposes to a headache.

With osteopathy we will work to find why you are having the headache and medically screen to eliminate underlying pathologies and treat the whole body to help with a better position of the head and drainage.


This might include manipulation (clicking of joints) and /or soft tissue work. On the other end of the spectrum it might include gentler (but just as effective) approaches like cranial osteopathy to assess and treat the cooperation of the head joints with the neck joints as well as undue irritation to the nevous system from the inside.

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